Friday, January 29, 2010

Sympathetic Soap

We are creating our own soap and body care company! I'm am totally excited! And we have spent a lot of money, with no end in sight!

The past few months, Jesse and I have been creating all-natural, no-synthetic soaps. We feel that a more natural approach is the right way to go. Did you know that many soaps cannot legally be called soap? Many are really classified as detergents because of the chemical content.

Anyway, we enjoy our hobby so much, and others seem to really like our soaps as well, that we decided just to jump right in. We're calling it Sympathetic Soap, and then Sympathetic Body Care will be our body care line.

I thought it would be cute to have some fun shaped soap, so one of my batches I molded in cupcake holders. And they are adorable! The only thing is we are still playing around with some recipe formulas, and this one didn't allow for the soap to set properly. The muffin pan let out too much heat, so they are taking very long to cure. I think they will be a great moisturizing soap, though.

Last night we tried our hand at a honey-oatmeal mixture. I wasn't sure if we needed to add scent, so we added a bit of eucalyptus...but we totally didn't need to! Serious, our soap smells like honey graham crackers, it's crazy. The honey helps with moisturizing, and the oatmeal is used as an exfoliant. I am super excited to try this soap, but as it needs to cure for at least 4 weeks, I'll be waiting awhile.

In the meantime, we are gathering lots of materials in preparation for the other soaps and body care. We want to have a ton of product ready for when we open our business and webstites.

The websites right now just consist of the names and We still need to figure out where we will host them and what the sites should look like. I've already started writing copy for the products.

Go team Sympathetic Soap!

Soap Nuts!

Have you heard about these?! I totally want to try them!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

More TKB Trading!

I received my other order from TKB Trading! I really wish I could get our camera to catch these colors as perfectly as I see them in person. In any event, here are the latest shades, complete with swatches (although not the two whites and the black).