Monday, January 26, 2009

"Supersize Me" movie rebuffed

A couple years ago, Jesse and I watched Morgan Spurlock's movie "Supersize Me." It documents Morgan's quest to track his health as he eats only McDonald's food for a month. The parameters were that he would eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at McDonald's, would try everything on the menu at least once, and would only supersize a meal if the employees offered it to him. Long story short, his health rapidly deteriorates, in fact appears close to death, and I'm not quite sure if he hits the 30-day mark. In the movie, it's said he eats about 5,000 cals a day.

This YouTube clip sheds some light on how the "Supersize Me" documentary might not be on the up and up. Pretty interesting stuff, I think.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Abortion ban overturned

You know, I believe that life is important, but I also believe a woman's body is her own. President Obama overturned a ban this afternoon and now federal funds are once again available to international groups that perform abortion services or even just information on the option. No matter what any of us believe, being free to choose is one of our nation's greatest benefits and I'm glad of the moves our President is making.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time's a-wasting

Man. Someone needs to hire us, and soon. It's getting to the point where we've been discussing moving to Odgen, UT as a viable option. The housing there is ridiculously low priced. Seriously; a house I saw on the MLS was 1500 sq ft for less than $50k. That would make our monthly payments about $215. $215 a month! But, we will probably stay here at least another month, and try to tough it out. Hopefully we can do taxes soon and that should help.

Really, though, President Obama should get the nation's rear in gear and start creating more jobs! Other than stressing about money and lack of jobs, not too much else has been going on. We've signed up with a hiking group and went on our first official hike two weekends ago, and I believe we'll going to next weekend's hike as well. These are dark and tangley woods. We quite enjoy them.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

PETA tries to make fish adorable...

PETA has made an effort to stop people from eating fish. Fish will now be called...Sea kittens! Read the full story here.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

South Pole trek fueled by butter and bacon

This article tells of a Canadian trio who have broken the record for travelling from the Antarctic to the South Pole, and they did it on a steady diet of bacon, cheese, and butter. I think it's amusing. There are so many people who like to tell me why the Atkins diet is so unhealthy for me, and how I won't have energy and whatnot, and then I read articles like this where sure, probably the main reason they brought these foods was portability, but also because they *give* energy. You don't need grains, even whole grains, to do that. Breaking a record with 6 days to spare? Thank you, thank you very much.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Federal bailout for the average Joe

Tonight I was telling Jesse about how I read that Joe Francis (of Girls Gone Wild fame) and Larry Flynt (entrepreneur of Hustler magazine) are trying to get $5 billion of the Wall Street bailout on the basis that the porn industry has been hurt by the economic crisis. (Read an article on this subject here.) I'm sure they are seriously wanting the money, but more than anything I look at this as a fairness question. Who is to choose which corporations get how much money?

Jesse said he thought the money would have better spent given to the U.S. population. I did a little math, and with 305,579,608 people in the U.S., that $700 bailout would have given each of us $2,290. I'm not sure if the Census only counts individuals aged 18 and older, but if that number also includes minors, then our part of the bailout pie would be larger.

If they are wanting to stimulate the economy, I think instead of the government giving that money to the various corporations that severely mishandled their original finances, they should give the money to the citizens. I'm sure a large portion of the people would probably use that amount on car payments, buying a new TV, whatever. Even paying off old debts with that money would help the economy in the long run because as a nation we would be more able to save up money for larger purchases.

I very much doubt Joe Francis and Larry Flynt will see any of that bailout money, but I applaud their efforts, even if they're not very altruistic.

(As an aside, I learned that Utah is the fastest-growing state...perhaps we should have stayed there after all...Nah.)

Yes, we have no photos

No photos today, folks.

It's been pretty mellow around here since the holidays. Yes, mellow indeed, aside from the mad scrambling to try and find a job so we don't end up living on the street selling used newspapers to other homeless people at a profit. Other than that, peachy-keen.

I had an interview today for a legal assistant position. I really liked the people I met there and it seems like a job I would have fun doing. And, it's only part-time work for the time being...and really, I've gotten used to not having a job, so if I must work, part-time sounds good to me. Jesse is still threatening to get a job at Taco Bell, but I think that's all it is: a threat. Not that I would care if he got a fast-food job. In fact, I've been pushing him to get a fast food job specifially because I know it's a place that would hire him. Then he could continue to look for better work.

His problem is, he doesn't want to begin at one place only to leave a month later. And I'm all, "Hey, they aren't the ones planning on talking the homeless out of their hard-earned beer money just so they can buy our crappy used newspapers. Get a job!" I have no problem with him getting an "in between" job. None whatsoever.

I'm editing this to say that it might very well be me working at the Taco Bell, and in no way did I mean to imply that all Jesse was qualified for was a job in fast food...I thought that line of thought was implied in the whole "Then he could continue to look for better work" sentence, but apparently some people didn't see the humor in the post, thus this edit. *phew!*