Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another day, another child

The Duggar family welcomed their 18th child today. Does anyone else think this family needs to start thinking of the big BC? And by that, I mean birth control. Seriously. Condoms are about as cheap as they come.

I know that their faith plays a big part in their decision to keep 'em coming, and that supposedly they are debt-free and so aren't a burden on society, but I feel it's unresponsible to have so many children. I understand that it is every person's right to do with their bodies as they wish, but I truly believe so many of our crime problems stems from there being too many people on the planet.

I don't think we should become like China and have a mandatory limit on children, but I do feel people should cap things off on their own. Personally, Jesse and I will probably only have two children, one to replace each of us. It just makes sense, resource-wise. Maybe there should be a tax on those who have more than, say, five kids. Maybe that would be an enticement.

I'm not saying we should have less sex. Go on, have all the crazy animalistic sex you want; I'm saying we should think about the end result.

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