Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yes, we have no photos

No photos today, folks.

It's been pretty mellow around here since the holidays. Yes, mellow indeed, aside from the mad scrambling to try and find a job so we don't end up living on the street selling used newspapers to other homeless people at a profit. Other than that, peachy-keen.

I had an interview today for a legal assistant position. I really liked the people I met there and it seems like a job I would have fun doing. And, it's only part-time work for the time being...and really, I've gotten used to not having a job, so if I must work, part-time sounds good to me. Jesse is still threatening to get a job at Taco Bell, but I think that's all it is: a threat. Not that I would care if he got a fast-food job. In fact, I've been pushing him to get a fast food job specifially because I know it's a place that would hire him. Then he could continue to look for better work.

His problem is, he doesn't want to begin at one place only to leave a month later. And I'm all, "Hey, they aren't the ones planning on talking the homeless out of their hard-earned beer money just so they can buy our crappy used newspapers. Get a job!" I have no problem with him getting an "in between" job. None whatsoever.

I'm editing this to say that it might very well be me working at the Taco Bell, and in no way did I mean to imply that all Jesse was qualified for was a job in fast food...I thought that line of thought was implied in the whole "Then he could continue to look for better work" sentence, but apparently some people didn't see the humor in the post, thus this edit. *phew!*

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  1. You're so funny! I always feel weirded out when I don't post a picture....

    Good luck with the job search and try not to take advantage of the homeless ;)