Thursday, January 22, 2009

Time's a-wasting

Man. Someone needs to hire us, and soon. It's getting to the point where we've been discussing moving to Odgen, UT as a viable option. The housing there is ridiculously low priced. Seriously; a house I saw on the MLS was 1500 sq ft for less than $50k. That would make our monthly payments about $215. $215 a month! But, we will probably stay here at least another month, and try to tough it out. Hopefully we can do taxes soon and that should help.

Really, though, President Obama should get the nation's rear in gear and start creating more jobs! Other than stressing about money and lack of jobs, not too much else has been going on. We've signed up with a hiking group and went on our first official hike two weekends ago, and I believe we'll going to next weekend's hike as well. These are dark and tangley woods. We quite enjoy them.

1 comment:

  1. Very pretty and tangley. Good luck with the job situation. I'm kind of hoping that the economy will be stimulated enough by the time Grant is out on the market...