Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pretty decent

Well, I had my meeting at eBay yesterday morning to fill out paperwork and I received a welcome packet, complete with 27 pages that I need to read and fill out. And then they sent me the second half of the packet today via email. Good times. I'm pretty excited about working for eBay, though, they seem to be a cool company. Only time will tell.

I'm loving out apartment more and more. Jess and I keep discussing what kind of aquarium we should get, and a part of me doesn't want to consolidate our tanks into one, because holy crap, it would be a behemoth to move. Then again, if we don't move for a couple years, it wouldn't be a problem. It's that whole thing about not being able to see into the future again.

I haven't played my GW games lately; here's to hoping they don't kick me out of the guild. I've been reading books like crazy lately, having found out there's a county library a few blocks away from the apartment. Jesse got home last night and flipped on the tv, which had previously been set to a radio channel for music and was like, "You didn't watch tv today?!" and I was all, "No, I rarely watch tv during the day." I think he thinks I just sit around at home, watching tv and eating bonbons:)

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