Thursday, March 5, 2009

Call it what it is!

I was trolling through the pets section of Craigslist, and I must say, enough with this "rehoming fee" nonsense! Call it what it is; you are SELLING your pet. I'm not judging. Sometimes you have to let a pet go, and you'd like a little compensation for whatever reason. But let's be honest here, very little effort is put forth by the original owner when it comes to trying to find the pet a new home. A couple key strokes and one photo later, and voila! Your ad is created. Then the new owner comes to pick up their new pet. I highly doubt many people spend so many hours trying to find a good home that they need the rehoming fee to compensate for their various hours spent.

We don't ask for a "rehoming fee" when trying to get rid of a couch or an old table's the same thing, people!

Let's band together and boycott this phrase, shall we?

1 comment:

  1. they can't sell their pets on craigslist. they take off your post which is why they have to word it like 'rehoming' :)