Monday, March 2, 2009

Bad movie endings and more

I just finished watching Love in the time of cholera and I have to say, I'm none too keen with the ending. It wasn't that it was a bad ending, it was just that I wanted there to be a complete resolution between the characters, and there wasn't. For movie endings, I pretty much need a neat and happy ending to feel satisfied.

On the home front, turns out Jesse may not start work until next Monday, or even the following Monday. We wish we would have known that earlier, because then he could have still been here. I mean, we knew it was a possibility he wouldn't be starting today, just wishful thinking I guess.

Ellaree came over to visit for a little while today on her way through to Eugene. I love seeing her, she's such a cutie! She brought her dog, Kyra, and that dog was tear-assing around the house, it was pretty amusing. I wish I could have seen Ell more since I've been here, but she's a pretty busy girl and is living her own life.

Today was a fairly boring day, as were the days preceding it...hope things pick up soon.

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