Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Soy confundido

I just *do not* know how this all is going to end up. I'm so frustrated with the job market right now, and I'm getting very anxious to be out on our own again, and everything is just getting all jumbled up together and it makes me unhappy. Our friend was our realtor and decided today he couldn't do it anymore (it's only been about 2 weeks) because Jess and I like to offer low to begin with, and I think he thought we are more trouble than we're worth or something. So, now we're out a realtor, and I'm thinking that maybe it's a sign because I still don't have a job yet.

You know, if the economy is in as much trouble as it appears to be, I don't understand why prices haven't really fallen to match the times. I'm talking consumables and whatnot. You'd think that with half the nation out of work, prices on rent, houses, food, etc., would all tumble. And I know that many people would say that housing has fallen, but I don't think it's fallen enough. How do people living on single-person incomes do it?! I'm seriously considering working at a fast food restaurant, and a part of me is like WTF...why did I spend $40k to get a flippin' degree then?! And, as much as I don't want to look down on those in the fast food industry...I feel like I'm better than that. Which isn't fair, I realize, because if there wasn't anyone to work the chains, how would I get my chicken nuggets?

I have another interview tomorrow, with another job placement agency. They'll then send my application and résumé to the employer, and all of it just seems like a big waste of time. Why bother with the middle man? How much more work would it be to scan every app that came in instead of letting someone do it for you? Talk about a money-saving opportunity.

I'm very antsy right now. Sometimes Jess expresses a dislike for his work, but all in all I think he's lucky he has something to do all day. I know staying home might seem like it's glamorous, but I don't have a kid yet to occupy my time, and rattling around with the in-laws day in and day out can be tedious. You know, I like them, you act different when your around others, want to make at least kind of a good impression, and I'm tired of being "on" all the time. Even when I'm just roaming around in my PJs or whatever. I don't want to have to talk with someone if I'm not in the mood.

*sigh* Man, I'm depressed.

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  1. Staying at home isn't all that much better with kids.

    Chin up! It can't get any worse, right??