Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time for a real blog

Jesse and I are pretty excited; we're putting an offer in on a house tonight! It's a house that is going to need a TON of work, but from what we saw the bones appear solid so mostly it's updating and cosmetic work. Built in 1915, near 3000 sq ft, on .20 acres...asking price $54k. Which, of course, we're offering less than that. Can you imagine?! We keep coming up with ideas about where we want to put things, and how we would like to remodel. We would like to immediately take out a line of credit, or a second mortgage based on the future value, so we can get to work on repairs. Anyway, the house has a lot of potential, and I hope this time everything works out.

I've had a couple job interviews lately, didn't get one of them, still waiting to hear back on the other. Told Jesse that if we get the house, I'll start looking for fast food jobs. Not that I want to be a fry cook, I'd try to get into some kind of management program. It seems like fast food is a pretty stable environment, people are still eating it. But I don't want to apply at a Wendy's or whatever until we have a house in Ogden. I'm not about to drive 40 minutes one way just to make $7/hr. As I don't particularly relish the idea of working fast food, please keep your fingers crossed that something else will work out.

Other than that, it's about all that's going on right now. Same old, same old. I get to see Velvet and the girls quite often, which I'll miss if we end up moving to Ogden, but I think we'll still get together from time to time. After all, I keep having to remind people it's not as if we're moving to Wyoming. Although, Wyoming is only about 75 miles away from Ogden. I have a feeling we'll go there not infrequently for the lotto tickets.

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  1. I am sorry that house didn't work out but it would be cool if one in West Valley did so we could be closer together! Good luck with the house and job hunting though!