Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ready to move, ready to move!

How excited am I to move this weekend?! So excited! This ----------------------------------> excited! That being said, I haven't begun to box up the items we have here in the house. One reason being that after we do the major move, we still have to sleep here for a week because in-laws are going to be gone and we're watching the dog. But still, if I don't have a job by next week, I'll probably be spending a good chunk of the day over at the apartment, unpacking. Maybe I can persuade Jess to put some of our Ikea stuff together on Sunday. I just can't forget that we need to remember to grab my dresser from here. It's the only large item we have here that needs to be moved in the truck...I'll just have to leave a couple changes of clothes here to make up for it.

I realized yesterday that I've read three more books and haven't written their synopsis (what's the plural on that?) yet. I'll need to get on that. But not today. Today I'm headed over to Velvet's to meet up with mom so we can hang out and mom can cut my hair. Isn't it funny that when hair is cut short, it needs to be trimmed more than when it's long? I'm not rocking a mullet by any means yet, but we're going to Oregon in July and the back of my hair is starting to bug.

Haven't heard anything back about the job yet. eBay called two days ago off ask if I would like to begin in their class, but I'm going to Oregon and it would be in the middle of the training session, so I asked them to please sign me up for the *next* time they start a group. Trying to hedge by bets, see. I want the job out by the airport, but in case I don't get it, maybe I could fall back to eBay. But keep fingers crossed about airport job. It's not actually AT the airport, just near it. They engineer and manufacture airplace/jet parts.

We're on the lookout for a cheap 120 gallon aquarium. We want to consolidate our various tanks into one, and Jesse can build the stand for it, so we're just looking for the aquarium right now. Oregon had *tons* of large tanks on the cheap, but Utah has more of an aquarist hobby nature, so good deals get snapped up quickly. We could potentially pick up a tank in Oregon, but we'd need to rent a trailer to get it home, and that would make it a wash for an savings we could have received.

Ok, so today I need to hit up Costco and the liquor store. (Liquor store to get boxes...I pretty much don't drink anything with alcohol these days.) I hope Costco has flats of nectarines for sale! I've bought a couple from Albertson's and oh my goodness, they are divine!

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