Saturday, August 15, 2009

I made a dress!

Well, technically Mary sewed the dress for me, but I showed her the pattern and paid for the material! The dress design I got from an online blog, Rostichery, called the "Infinity Dress" aka the "Convertible Dress."

The straps are 90" long, and let me tell you, they are interesting to work with! But, Jesse has a fun time with me, trying to figure out what all could be done with the dress. And I'm sure there are other ways to wear it as if you, too, have an infinity dress and know other styles of wear, let me know!
Mary and I went to Hancock's fabrics and they were having a killer sale, so I picked up 10 dress designs for $.99/ea when they are usually $16.95/ea. Talk about savings! Not sure when I'll pick up the material for that, but Mary tells me next time I have to be behind the wheel of the sewing machine. Scary!

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