Saturday, August 15, 2009

My weekend!

I do so love my weekends. But it's not because I don't like my job. I do. In fact, once training is over, I think I'm going to love it. However, that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good weekend where I'm not expected to be anyplace at a certain time, or do a specific thing.

I was looking through some dresses online yesterday, I think they are at and I was thinking, I could totally make those. Granted, some of them would take more work than others, but I really like dresses, and I really like the retro look some of them have. So, today my goal will be to get to a craft store and look through the sewing designs! Making my own clothes, how fun does that sound?! Of course, I've heard it's not necessarily a cheap hobby, and I don't have my own sewing machine, but Jesse's mom has one, as does Velvet, so I'm sure I could use their machines if I ask pretty please. Let's just see how long this hobby lasts, huh?

Instead of writing a long (or short for the matter) blog about the books I read, I'm just going to list them. That way, if I'm ever thinking about a book and can't remember what it's called or who wrote it, at least I'll have somewhere to start. Without further ado:

Magic Bites - Ilona Andrews
Magic Burns - Ilona Andrews
Magic Strikes - Ilona Andrews
Tall, Dark & Dead - Tate Hallaway
Dead Sexy - Tate Hallaway
Romancing the Dead - Tate Hallaway
Dead if I Do - Tate Hallaway
Tempting Danger - Eileen Wilks
Mortal Danger - Eileen Wilks
Blood Lines - Eileen Wilks
Storm Glass - Maria V. Snyder
Dead and Gone - Charlaine Harris
Curse the Dawn - Karen Chance
The Accidental Sorcerer - K.E. Mills

Those are all I can think of for the past month or so. I'll attempt to be better about listing them so I don't forget any. Wish me luck on my dress pattern shopping trip!

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