Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some fun facts about cholesterol (taking from my LC forum)

Some fun cholesterol facts:

Dietary cholesterol only raises serum cholesterol in the short term. Most of the body's cholesterol is produced by the body, and production will decrease to compensate for an increase in intake.

Cholesterol is an antioxidant.Cholesterol is a natural steroid. That's one reason eating eggs can help bodybuilders get ripped.

Your cell walls are mostly made of cholesterol.

Cholesterol helps you repair damaged cell walls. When inflammation in the body is high, more cholesterol is produced to repair it. So blaming it for disease is like blaming the paramedics for your injury.

There is no clear link between high total cholesterol and heart disease.

There is a link between very low total cholesterol and cancer.

Your brain is mostly cholesterol. Low cholesterol may lead to depression and even violent death.

The official dietary recommendations for cholesterol intake were never based on any studies. They were a compromise figure reached between those who believed cholesterol was harmless and those who did not. It was an entirely political decision.

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