Monday, November 16, 2009

It's Friday!

Well, really it's Monday, but it's our Friday, so I'm pretty pleased. I've been dragging lately and feeling kind of sick, but I'm pretty sure it has to do with poor food choices over anything else. I had chinese food last night and today I am paying for it, that is for sure. Fo shizzle, yo! So, back to low carb for me...right in time for the holidays...yay.

You can hear the excitement, right?

Things are going pretty well. I'm all trained up in a corresponding field at work, which means I can jump in and help out when things get slammed. I have a new title, although that really isn't anything to write home about since everyone in the company is getting a new title. I guess we had over 700 titles in our company, and now there will be a little over 50. So quite the paring down of titles. Actually, it sounds like I was demoted, since I was "Customer Rep 2" and now I'm "Fraud Agent" or something like that, but my grade wetn up, and I'm not sure if everyone's grading went up or just select individuals.

I have been buying a TON of art from eBay lately, all from the same seller. Let me see if I can save them to my desktop and then I'll show you:

I just really love his work. You can visit his eBay store if you like: dk-art . Jesse keeps telling me we now have enough, but there are two small (and I mean small, 2.5"x3.5") pieces that are coming up for sale in a couple days. I tell him, how many hundreds of dollars do we have invested in our aquarium?! I think spending a little bit on art is not a crime. Then again, we're running perilously low on food, and perhaps I should be thinking about that instead of spending our money on original artwork. Something to think about I guess.
Have I mentioned how much I really like my coworkers? They are pretty cool folks and I think it really help the whole wanting to go to work thing when you have enjoyable people around. That being said, we're having a few of them over this coming week for a board game night. I don't know if it's a Utah thing, but most people here love to play games! And Jesse won't play with me when it's just the two of us, so I'm excited to have found a group who is willing to get together maybe once a month or so.
I was in a Bunko group (dice game) but I just started to feel like I didn't have anything in common with those ladies. So I tendered my resignation and thought maybe I'd hunt out a book group or something, which I still may try to do, but now at least I can have board game night.
I'm starting to think again about looking up dance classes for Jess and I. I wasn't able to focus on it when we had different schedules, but now that we have the same days off, it can totally work. Hopefully soon I can be relaying a report regarding how we were learning to foxtrot and Jesse tripped me or something. Good times.

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