Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today is game day!!!

You can tell by the three exclamation points that I am fairly excited about the upcoming game night tonight. I have several friends coming over from work to play, and as Jesse's friend decided he didn't want to come, Jesse can make friends with all my friends. Maybe then we can go on double dates and such.

So, as soon as Jess is back from doing something fish-related at his folks' house, it's off to Costco to stock up for tonight and also just random stuff for the coming weeks. I bought some tomatoes yesterday with the intention of making roasted tomato basil soup, but I think I want to buy a few more varieties of tomatoes before I do it. Also, I found a simple-sounding shrimp bisque recipe that I want to try out. You know, I really like soups and I so rarely make them. I'll have to remedy that. I don't think Jesse is really keen on them, but oh well, he'll have to deal or make his own food.

We made two more batches of soap last night. Mine is scented with vanilla and cloves, and Jess' is cedarwood. So far I have not been too impressed with the scents we've been buying. They are essential oils as opposed to fragrance oils, which means they are naturally occurring instead of man-made scents. I really like some of the fragrance oils, but the whole point in making our own soap is so we use as little artifice as possible, including no colors or synthetics. But, maybe I'll be surprised after the bars dry out a bit and mellow with age. I still want to try the lavendar scent, as I think it will be the most spot-on oil of the bunch, but we already have our eucalyptus soap, and now these two batches, so it might be some time before we are in need of soap again. Then again, it's a fun hobby, so maybe we'll just make a ton of different soaps and that's what everyone will get this Christmas.

I totally thought I was going to beat my Guild Wars: Nightfall game last night, but alas, no go. What I thought was the end is actually about 4 missions away from completion, not counting the random quests along the way. And then I bought the original Guild Wars game, along with the expansion pack, Guild Wars: Eye of the North. Those should be coming to me shortly, so then I'll start to play them as well. I believe Nightfall is the latest in the series and I am none too impressed. The company ArenaNet has been working on the Guild Wars 2 game for a few years now and apparently are nearing completion as they released a video trailer for the game in August. It looks like it's quite the change from the original story in terms of graphics and some game play, but the storeline itselfs seems intact. Because the game is so different on a platform level, though, no characters will be able to migrate, so I wonder if all those currently playing the original GW will defect, or if they will split their time between the two worlds. I don't think I'll be one of those who rushes right out to buy the new game when it becomes available.

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