Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And the winner (so far)...Alaska!

Princess called us today to offer us both jobs for the summer, and we accepted them. So for now, we're headed to Alaska in May. However, Jesse was looking at his application status online for a job he applied for with the city of Salt Lake, and it appears his application has been sent on and is qualified for an interview. When he applied to was for an applicant pool, so we don't know if the city is planning to fill the position any time soon, but it would definitely be a good starting ground for a career move.

I heard back today that three of my ten applications to the UofU were qualified and forwarded on to the various hiring departments, so there is also a good chance that I might be called in for interviews for any of those positions. I joked to Jesse that after months of not being able to find work, just watch, we'll have to choose from eight different jobs.

So, while we've accepted the Alaska jobs, for whatever reason I kind of don't think we'll end up making it. Not that I don't want to go, I think it'd be a fun experience, I just feel that something else might be around the bend. We'll keep you posted.

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