Saturday, February 28, 2009

Home again home again, jiggity jig

Jesse made the trip back to Utah yesterday while I stayed behind in Corvallis. We thought he might be starting work this Monday, but it turns out he'll probably be starting *next* Monday. He was not a happy camper when he called me a few hours into his drive to let me know his had just received a speeding ticket. The speed? 89 in a 65. The price? $427. Crazy! There goes our apartment deposit...

The good news is, all the fish survived the trip! We know many people who when faced with a distance move tend to sell all their livestock instead of trying to move everything. We've made the move twice now and all fish (and most corals I think) have all lived, so either we're doing something extremely right, or other people are just too lazy to attempt a proper move.

Jess is going to scout out potential living places for us this week. We have a couple duplexes that sound like they might be a good fit for us. Jesse took his camera and he's going to send me photos so we can make a decision together, but mainly I'll be going off of his recommendation.

I got an email from Mom today stating she had joined Facebook! Of all people, I would never have guessed Facebook would interest her. I'm already on MySpace and barely ever use it these days, and I've been resisting joining Facebook because I'm not sure I want to set up an account with another site that I may or may not use frequently. We'll have to see.

I've been applying for jobs like crazy back in SLC, but I think I may ramp it down a bit. I think a lot of places are probably going to want to fill their positions before I'm planning on moving back, so the best thing to do will probably be to start looking again maybe a few days before the big move. Although, as of now we're not really quite sure when that will happen.

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