Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mica powder

Hello, friends of mine. While browsing the 'net yesterday, in constant search of more eyeshadow colors, I stumbled across TKB Trading. Can I just say...this site is AWESOME! They have literally hundreds of great colors, most of which can be used in cosmetics. And, you typically get a one-tablespoon size sample for $1.50. One tablespoon might not sound like much, but let me tell you, it would probably last well over a year, even using it every day. And for $1.50, that is great!

They are a wholesale company, so you have to have a $25 minimum order I think it is, but that shouldn't be too hard for me. I had thought that any Christmas money I got would just go straight to paying off my credit card for my last cosmetics shopping, but now I'm thinking maybe I'll just do it in an installation plan, so I can still have some fun with my Christmas cash. Oh course, I'm just guessing I'll be getting money...

Jess' folks bought us a recumbent exercise bike, and that arrived at our doorstep yesterday, so I'm pretty excited to put it together and see how it moves. Or doesn't move, rather, as it's stationary.

We still have a couple Christmas gifts left to buy, and then quite a few we need to get together and mail to our people in Oregon. I hate packaging stuff up and sending it through the mail. I'm just wicked lazy.

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