Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More makeup!

What is up, my peeps?! Here is my purely MAC makeup haul from this afternoon. Several hours, and a couple hundred dollars later..

Aside from the exorbitant price for the MAC line, I totally had a great time! The first set of product I got at The Cosmetics Company. I went by myself and met up with my friend later on at Nordstrom's, where I got the second group of product. She suggested I wrap some of the items and give them to myself for Christmas, but I took them out of their boxes to do these photos (which really don't do these colors justice, by the way) and now I don't want to re-box them and wrap them up. After all, they want to be used!

While at Nordstrom's, my friend had some makeup applied in a completely neutral color scheme, and when the makeup artist was out of earshot she said, "This is way over the top for me!" And I was like, are you kidding?!

Because I, obviously, have no problem with wearing non-neutral shades. Man, look at those cheeks, I definately do not need blush.... Moving on.

I will be paying this makeup off for quite some time (since I borrowed against future allowances), but I still think it was worth it. I'm thinking now I just want a couple other Coastal Scents gel liner colors and I'll be good to go. But as my friend said, there will always be some new color, some new line. She may have a point.

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  1. They look pretty! No more make up for a while though:)