Thursday, December 17, 2009

So, now that that's over...

Jesse and I went in to have our teeth cleaned last week, and still no cavities for me, thank you very much! Jess had one cavity, which I think it actually quite good as he hadn't been in to a dentist in like 4 years. About a week or so prior to the cleaning, Jesse was saying how he thought one of his front teeth was coming loose. His two front teeth are fakes, set on posts (that were drilled into his head without being put under because his jerk of a boss made him work that day!) because of an auto accident a few years back.

I was like, honey, stop touching it! We're going to the dentist in a few days, tell them about it then! A couple days go by and I get home one night and he says to me, "Look what I did today," and proceeds to pull out his left front tooth! So now there is this metal post in his mouth, with no tooth, and he's looking like a deranged hillbilly. I'm gagging because seriously it grossed me out. And then he chased me around the apartment trying to get me to kiss him.

The day finally came for the dental appointment and they were able to reglue his tooth and it was no big deal. But seriously. It was disturbing. He went back in today to get his cavity filled and apparently it all went well. I think he likes my dentist well enough. His dentist sounded like a real d-bag; mine seems to have his stuff together, so that's good.

We went over to a friend's house tonight to play games and then we watched "The Hangover," which was amusing. Jesse is now getting ready to take a bath and asked, "Don't we have any more bath salts?" That man loves him his baths! Pretty much all the bath-type stuff I've aquired over the years has been whittled down and used by him. Good thing Christmas is around the corner...

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