Friday, December 4, 2009

Perfuming it up

I have now received all six of my sample-size perfumes from The Perfumed Court, and I could not be more pleased! I bought:
Kat Von D - Sinner
La Vanila - Vanilla Coconut
DKNY - Be Delicious
Stella McCartney - Stella
Marc Jacobs - Daisy
Hanae Mori - Butterfly

Most of these came in little 1ml glass vials, with the exception of the Be Delicious, which came in a 1.5ml spray vial.

The Vanilla Coconut is nice; it has a warm vanilla scent that is complemented well by the coconut. It's a bit strong for me, so I'll be wearing it in places that don't waft up to my nose all that often, maybe my belly or something. I'll figure it out.

I have not yet tried the Sinner scent. Be Delicious is nice in that it has a fresh, fruity scent, but I don't think it lasts that long. Well, it lasts if you smell your skin, but it's not a scent that wafts for long on me.

Stella is beautiful, a lovely rose-scented mix. Daisy has a very clean apple top note, which I enjoy. But for now, my favorite is the Butterfly by Hanae Mori. I was in a Nordstrom's the other day and the perfume woman told me that of the three scents offered by Hanae Mori, Butterfly is the lightest scent. Apparently all three are the same scent, just varying degrees of intensity. I'm glad I got Butterfly and can see myself buying the actual perfume bottle once this vial runs out.

Of course, these are just preliminary tests, and it may be that after several hours I don't like the way some mix with my skin chemistry, but for now *sigh* HEAVEN!

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