Sunday, May 17, 2009

I can mash potato...I can do the twist...

The above video is an AWESOME commercial for T-Mobile. Good music, and you all know how I love to see seemingly random people break out into choreographed dance! I think it won a Clio award recently.

Aside from that stellar clip, life has been trucking right along. Jesse and I were supposed to see a movie in a half hour, but alas, he's still up fishing...and while I know it's a weekend and therefore supposed to be a relaxing time, I really enjoy having things be on a schedule. So if someone says, let's see a movie at 3pm, I want to see that movie at 3pm. I'm a little rigid like that.

I interviewed at eBay last week and feel fairly confident about the job. It's nothing glam, just working in the call center, but I feel I would enjoy it, and it is definitely different that things I have done in the past and I always like learning new procedures and jobs. After my interview they kind of made it seem like once the background check cleared, I would be golden. I am now waiting on the form to fill out for the check, and it is supposed to get here by Tuesday at the latest. So, keep your fingers crossed, because a job would be a good thing right about now.

Jess and I have been looking at houses again. There is one out in Riverton that we are antsy to see, but the realtor hasn't gotten back to us yet, darn it all. The house is far away from Jesse's workplace, but really quite close to eBay, so if I got that job, the house would be just right for driving. And seriously on the cheap, which we like.

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  1. I thought you didn't feel good but really you had a date planned with Jesse! I see how it is:)