Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Proper Education for Girls; Elaine diRollo

A Proper Education for Girls is set in the year 1857, where properness and propriety in women are key, and passionate, free-thinking qualities are frowned upon. This story revolves around two sisters, Lilian and Alice. Having shamed the family, Lilian is wed to a missionary and shipped off to India, while the mannish Alice must remain at home, taking care of their father's Collection (a museum of artifacts within the house). Lilian struggles to come to terms with herself and her life in an India that is increasingly growing in revolt of the British, and Alice must find a way to overcome her father's friend, Dr. Cattermole, and his nefarious intentions toward her.

I thought this was an ok book. Interesting in that I like to read about what the era was like back then, both in England and in India, but not ultimately a book I'd want to own to read time and time again.

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